Gluten-Free Food Production within the FoodChain ID Gluten-Free Standard


Gluten-Free Awareness Training for Food Production Employees is an e-learning course that introduces the basic elements of a gluten-free food production system.

The course is applicable to all employees involved in gluten-free food production.

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The e-learning course covers the basic concepts to establish gluten-free food production under the FoodChain ID Gluten-Free Standard.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Define identity preservation and the role of a Quality Management System
  • Understand the process for a risk assessment and the control points concerning gluten-free food production
  • Demonstrate the steps to gluten-free production, including sampling, preventing contamination and traceability
  • Identify the requirements to use the FoodChain ID Gluten-Free Standard

Intended Audience

Food company employees preparing to start gluten-free food production.

Estimated Completion Time
One hour


The e-learning course will remain accessible for 90 days following purchase.