Internal Auditing


The Internal Auditing course introduces the principles and terminology of internal auditing. The course provides the basic elements necessary to build an internal audit program to meet a Global Food Safety Initiative standard’s requirements for an internal audit programme. The course includes three modules and an interactive quiz to test acquired knowledge.

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Internal audits allow a facility or corporate team to perform an independent and documented assessment of their own operations against agreed upon requirements. In some cases, a facility hires a vendor to perform an internal audit.

Before deciding your organisation’s internal auditing plan, this course teaches the fundamentals for establishing an internal audit system.

The course was developed by an expert of food operation internal auditing. The interactive elements in the training allow for engaging, self-paced learning.

Key Learning Objectives:

    • Introduction to audit types and terms of auditing
    • Review of the different standard’s requirements for an internal audit program
    • Discussion of the key elements of quality auditing principles applied to an internal audit program

Estimated Completion Time
Two hours